About Brooke

     Hi, I am Brooke. I am a professional mug maker, Coastie Creations owner, Coast Guard veteran, and Oregon native. Thank you for checking out my shop and making it far enough to read about me! Grab your coffee, I am about to get started...

      After growing up in a small town in Oregon, I went off to college, earned my Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and worked in Probation for a year. I loved being able to help people that are hurting the most, but I had a desire to see the rest of the world. I left the PNW, completely on a whim, and joined the Coast Guard. While serving, I completed my Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership which is a fancy way of saying "business."  So I earned this business degree, now what? Here is how the mug madness began:

     One day, I came home to my roommate sitting in the living room with over 1,000 dog toys. I began to fill out the online forms on Dr. Phil to get her crazy self on the show, until she explained she was selling them online for a profit. She threw me the idea of selling MUGS and I said, "Excuse me, you crazy Harry-Potter-sounding-lady...mugs???" She went on to explain she wasn't passionate about mugs themselves, but more so about having a second income. She showed me an online class on how to sell things online. It seemed spammy at first, but I watched her go about selling items. I then starting giving her funny mug ideas...and I couldn't stop. I wanted every meme on a mug. I wanted every sports team on a mug with the words "State of mind". LOL. I was out of control. She encouraged me to get my own shop. My coastie coworkers either said I wouldn't get anywhere with this or they helped me come up with ideas. I designed my first few mugs, and they actually were selling! Fast forward a year later, I've sold over 3,500 mugs and this is my full time gig. Life is truly odd...and amazing. I am back in Oregon, where I make the mugs at home with my heat press. 

     Mug making is my career love language. It's personalized gift giving. It's the art of knowing someone well enough to know what makes them smile. It's giving a useful but dorky gift that makes people feel appreciated.

     If you're reading this and curious about a specific mug, go ahead and tell me what you want. Send me a message here, on facebook, Instagram... any form is welcomed! I will make your vision a tangible item. I can't wait to hear your ideas full of dirty words, peaceful daily reminders, or your child's first tooth picture. I want it all!  

     Happy mug shopping and thank you for reading!